Product Plug: MiO Water Enhancer

So, I’m trying to lose weight now, which means cutting back on the sodas. Unfortunately, the only thing I have available to drink at work all day is coke or water. And I hate drinking water – even the bottled kind. My wife suggested the little packets of tea/punch that you add to water, but I’ve tried the Crystal Light stuff and it was horrible. But… since that was a few years back and I really do want to get skinny again, I decided to try again. While looking at the Crystal Light-type packets, I noticed they now have other kinds – Hawaiian Punch, for instance, and various kinds of powdered tea. The one that caught my eye, though, was a little silverish-gray bottle called “MiO Liquid Water Enhancer”.
MiO comes in several flavors, so I grabbed the Sweet Tea one to try. This stuff is pretty good! You basically squirt some into your water and suddenly it doesn’t taste like water anymore. I went all day yesterday at work without grabbing a coke from the breakroom, so apparently this might work. And the bottle is small enough that I carry one with me when we go to the park or zoo or something. I definitely plan on trying the other flavors in the next few weeks, but if anyone else is like me and balks at the idea of drinking straight water, then I would recommend giving this stuff a try. The sweet tea flavor is actually sweet – without that horrible diet taste – yet has zero calories. Here’s a link to the official site for the product:


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