Replace SharePoint 2013 Branding Text

One of the more annoying things in SP 2013 (for me, at least) is the new branding text in the upper left corner. By default it simply says “SharePoint”, which IMO reinforces a bad user habit – referring to their sites as “SharePoint” instead of whatever the site is actually called. When your company has 50 sites all built on SharePoint, it quickly gets annoying to hear “SharePoint is down.” or “I can’t get to SharePoint.” That’s like saying “Word is down” because one document won’t open. Instead I usually train my users to refer to the site by its title (i.e. – “Company Intranet Portal”, “HR Department Site”, etc.) to differentiate it from any other SP sites I might be responsible for.

Replacing the branding text can be done, but it’s generally a pain and there’s no obvious straight-forward way of doing it. Several custom themes that you can download or purchase have the text removed or replaced, but there don’t seem to be many articles on HOW to replace it if you want to.

Once the page renders, this is actually just a plain DIV with the word “SharePoint” in it. So what I did is write a quick jQuery script that replaces that DIV with my own content, then called that script in the header of my custom master page (you ARE using a custom master page and not modifying the original, right?). Now not only can I put what I want there, I can also style it how I want using the custom class I inserted when I replaced the DIV. Here’s the script – just save it as “branding.js” or whatever you want, put it in your site collection’s style/script library, then call it in your custom master:


$('.ms-core-brandingText').replaceWith('<div class="ms-core-brandingText"><span class="ms-core-brandingTagline">powered by</span> SharePoint 2013</div>');



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