Our Illustrious HostThe OmegaBlog is the official blog for Jacob Wilson, aka Omegacron.

An avid child of the 80’s and huge fan of the sci-fi & fantasy genres, Jacob has been running his own website devoted to these topics since 1997. Also a bit of a gaming addict, Jacob spends a lot of his spare time playing such titles as World of WarCraft, Age of Conan, Oblivion, & StarCraft – pretty much anything in the RPG or Strategy categories. In addition, he also began exploring the hobby of costuming & prop-making a few years back. In the case of LARP and historical re-enactments, this also introduced him to the worlds of sewing, leatherworking, and metal-smithing. Now, he looks forward every year to the various comic conventions (and, of course, the Renaissance Fair) which allow him to show off his hard work.

As for the realm of paying work, Jacob jumped into the IT industry straight out of high school. At first working as a database & Novell administrator, he later moved into the areas of helpdesk support and website administration. Around 2004 or so, he was introduced to the world of Microsoft SharePoint – and he’s been hooked ever since. Now working primarily as a SharePoint Administrator & Developer, Jacob enjoys exploring the ways that web-based technology can be used to improve our daily tasks, while also figuring out new ways to make SharePoint bend to his will.

Marking his first foray into the blogging scene, this blog now presents our illustrious host with an area to post his musings about costuming, novels, movies, SharePoint, and whatever else you just can’t live without. As an added bonus, it provides him with an insight into the blogging culture as well – something any web administrator should understand these days.

Website: www.omegacron.com | LinkedIn: View Profile


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