The real Garrett returns! Sort of…

Great news for Thief fans – the original voice of Garrett, Stephen Russell, will be voicing protagonist Corvo Attano in the upcoming Dishonored 2.

One of my beefs with the fourth Thief game was that they changed the voice actor for Garrett. And I also feel like Dishonored was a better continuation of the Thief series than that fourth game was. You could easily play the first three Thief games, then imagine Dishonored takes place in one of the other city-states mentioned. And now to top that off, the man who voiced Garrett in the first three Thief games – Stephen Russell – will be providing the voice for Corvo in Dishonored 2. That’s awesome!


25 Days to Mists of Pandaria

Less than a month to go until Mists of Pandaria comes out! I’m so excited – I haven’t looked forward to a WoW expansion this much since Burning Crusade back in 2007. When World of WarCraft originally came out, one of the first things I thought was “I want a Pandaren Brewmaster”, and now – finally, 7 years later – I finally get one. Look for a review after I get it. Maybe a while after I get it, since I’ll be too busy playing to post 🙂


Mists of Pandaria logo