Is religion insane, or do the insane simply turn to religion?

The Houston Chronicle has a front-page article this morning about how a man walked into the IAH airport and apparently committed suicide by police (or Homeland Security in this case). The article is very light on details about the shooting, and instead focuses on the man’s Facebook comments and suicide note – all heavily laced with religious overtones. In fact, they’ve already updated the article twice with the only update being an additional religious quote from the guy. I normally ignore such things, but this time I thought I’d comment on it.

Liberal media outlets such as the Chronicle and/or our friends in Hollywood always point out how looneys are religious. They seem to go out of their way to find (or create) a connection between the two. What they would have us believe is that religion itself, specifically a belief in God or the Bible, is insane. Catholics and Protestants both are typically portrayed in films as either fanatically strict, hypocritical, or downright crazy. The reality is somewhat different. What little connection there is between mental instability and religion is that millions of people who have incomplete lives – both sane and insane – have turned to religion & God to improve those lives. It works for many… but not everyone, and the guy involved in the IAH shooting is one such case where it didn’t. Based on his comments, he was obviously seeking help, and for whatever reasons, didn’t get it. At least however he had the decency not to hurt anyone else – only himself.

This is a topic my wife and I know something about. My mother-in-law is fruity as an orchard. She’s been committed several times in the past twenty years, but it’s nearly impossible to get help for her when it gets bad. Even the times that she’s cut herself up or threatened to hurt someone, neither the police nor the hospitals will do anything about it. The only times in her life that she’s been close to normal is when she regularly attended church and prayed every day. So nobody – not liberals, not the Houston Chronicle, not Hollywood – is going to convince me that God doesn’t exist or that he can’t help people like this.


Tolerance is a two-way street

I came across this well-written article that absolutely nails what I think regarding the issue of today’s “tolerance” trend. I’ve never seen this site before and have no idea what they are, but the article hits it on the head. To read the original article, click the link at the end.

One of the most eye-opening features of the Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial – the trial where a few people in California are trying to redefine marriage for the entire nation to include homosexual relationships – was its near daily insistence on attacking foundational Christian moral beliefs.  On a regular basis, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Position Statement on Sexuality or the Catechism of the Catholic Church – both of which, like all orthodox Christian teaching on the subject, recognize homosexual behavior as sinful – would be pulled out and subjected to ridicule.  Worse, these Christian teachings were used as evidence that the recently-enacted California definition of marriage was irrational because it may have been based in part on religious teachings.  In other words, if you vote your faith, your vote shouldn’t count.

As disturbing as such a direct attack on religious belief is, it is also instructive.  For a long time, proponents of homosexual behavior have argued that their cause was also about “tolerance.”  But it never has been.  For them, tolerance is a one way-street, where their actions must be tolerated, but your beliefs cannot be.  Perry makes this clear: normalizing homosexual behavior requires marginalizing your religious beliefs.

It’s not just Christians who are seeing this, either.  Chai Feldblum, President Obama’s new head of the powerful EEOC, has admitted that when religious liberty and homosexual behavior conflict, “I’m having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win.”  Hear that, pastors?  Your ministries, your churches, your sermons – they’d better get in line or get out of town.

Perry is just one of the recent examples of the attack on Christianity from homosexual activists.   Catholic Charities in both Washington, D.C. and Boston were run out of the adoption business by aggressive city officials who wanted to force them to place children with same-sex parents.  A church campground in New Jersey was punished by the state for refusing to use its property to host same-sex “commitment ceremonies.” A Christian student in a public college in California was verbally attacked by his professor for respectfully speaking out in support of traditional marriage.

Here’s a link to the original article:

I spend a lot of time on the Internet and I’m sick and tired of being insulted & ripped a new one because I choose to believe in God or the Bible. It’s not like I go around quoting scripture or trying to force my views on others… but any time that belief comes up in a forum discussion or other online conversation, all of the “tolerant” people out there suddenly become very intolerant.